Our story


Divel Italia foundation

Our story begins over half a century ago at the end of World War 2 in the heart of Emilia Romagna. Divel Italia started life as a manufacturer of sun lenses, making use of the region’s natural gas deposits to melt glass.


Export in Europe

By 1960, we had begun to export our products and soon established ourselves as a lead player in sunglenses manufacturing in Europe.


First European producers

In the mid-1970s, we became one of the first European manufacturers to acquire the rights and technology to produce organic CR39 plastic lenses.

This offered a revolutionary alternative to the original glass lenses which were brittle, easily scratched and difficult to fabricate.


New departments

Following radical restructuring of the company, an ophthalmic lens department and marketing sector were created to sit alongside the original sunglasses department. Since then, all products have been sold under the Divel Italia brand.



We moved our headquarters to Calderara di Reno, where they remain today.


New production line

A new production line of CR39 solar lenses began in the city of Ravenna.


The year of memory

With a new Millennium came a defining moment in the Divel Italia story. We cemented our position in the Italian market by acquiring local distributors and establishing our own commercial network.

We currently have seven workshops across Italy; Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rimini, Trento, Rome, Ascoli, Naples, Bari and Palermo.


Inauguration in Milan

Our first lens production laboratory launched in Milan and in the same year, we acquired a major stake in a second workshop in Lucca.


First branch

Our first foreign office, Divel Albania, launched to handle the production and marketing of our lenses in the Balkan markets.


The turn

2012 marked a key turning point for the Divel Italia brand. Our first lens entirely developed and produced in our Research and Development laboratories was born. We introduced the world to our Progressive Aurora lens by Divel Italia.


Divel in Shanghai

Divel Shanghai launched in 2013, our first production site in the Far East, which distributed our lenses globally.


Divel Creation

Divel Creation, a laboratory that brings together our wealth of knowledge, innovative materials and unique designs, is launched.


Divel in France

Our headquarters across the Alps is born; Divel France.


Silmo D'Or

The Divel Italia Tattoo lens is nominated at the revered Silmo D’Or, an awards ceremony dedicated to creativity and innovation in the eyewear and optics industry.


Progressive Aurora by Divel Italia

Our groundbreaking Progressive Aurora 4D lens by Divel Italia launched in 2017; an evolution of the original Progressive Aurora lens by Divel Italia. Our most advanced lens yet, it launched with a significant advertising campaign alongside the newly created Blue Natural lens.


Recognize around the world

Across the world, we are widely recognised for our high-performing, innovative production capabilities. Today, we operate on a global basis from our headquarters in Bologna, producing both ophthalmic and sun lenses for the international market. In 2020 new progressive Aliena was born and the new headquarters in Casablanca Divel Maroc. We continue to challenge, innovate and disrupt the market, leading the way in the ophthalmic and sun-lenses industry.