New Divel Italia's logo

Divel Italia logo's evolution.
We observe how the world changes and we move with it.


The Divel Italia brand was officially born in 1987 when the company is configured with the current subdivision: ophthalmic lenses department, sun lenses department and marketing department.
Divel come from the abbreviation of three italian words:
DIstribuzione (Distribution) VEndita (Sale) Lenti (Lenses). 
The word “Italia” was added to claim its Italian born, Emilian to be precise.
The initial brand was designed by the current administrator, Dr. Claudio Marraccini.
The pictogram, that is the circle crossed by the lines, represents the round lens, crossed by the rays of sunlight. In the first version it is characterized by a gradient fill.
The logotype, the word DIVEL ITALIA, has a font serif. At its inception, the font had only the outline and had a white fill.
A few years later the brand undergoes a small modification, the proportions change, the pictogram changes the proportions with respect to the logo, it enlarges and fills with a solid color.
The logotype, the DIVEL ITALIA writing, slightly modifies the font, accentuating the outlines in a Roman font with no fill.
The coordinated image of divel begins to be born.
In 2018, following a renewal of the website and generally of the Divel image, the brand has the penultimate restyling.
The font is filled, the proportions are readjusted and the brand takes on a more modern appearance in the same line thinking with the modern and fashion communication undertaken by the company over the last few years.
In these years Divel continues to take care of its communication even more, it begins to produce the first structured contents, the first shootings are prepared and the product packaging is renewed.
This year the company has decided to make a decisive change. The logo used up to now had a limit: the overlapping of the various elements made printing difficult, especially in one color.
As previously mentioned, in recent years Divel has worked a lot on corporate identity and communication.
Working in the fashion sector we allowed ourselves to borrow what are the communication methods of the fashion world: photographic shots, impactful images, elegant language.

Why a new logo?
For this reason we have decided to make a further restyling of the Divel logo.
We have separated the two elements: pictogram and logotype.
The pictogram, currently registered all over the world, has been perfected in the lines so as to make it legible at any size.
The logotype changes the font, opting for a sans serif, more linear and contemporary.
In the logo, Divel has been inserted in bold, to affirm the identity of the company, called by its customers in the common language, in the abbreviated version “Divel”.
However, the word Italy remained in the logo, so as not to lose the patriotic characteristic, which allows us to proudly spread our products abroad.