Green Line - eco lens

For some time now, Divel Italia has been committed to increasing the environmental sustainability of our products and manufacturing technologies. In recent months, our core corporate philosophy has become eco-friendly, as can be seen in our products, packaging, and even post-production projects.


Green Line, Divel Italia’s eco-lenses

In response to market demand, Divel Italia, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of our production site, now produces lenses and solar filters using increasing percentages of organic materials and environmentally sustainable by-products.

After the various experiments and other projects in 2019 concerning lens waste, which focused post-production disposal, Divel Italia has finally launched the environmentally sustainable lens.

Presenting GREEN LINE, Divel Italia’s eco-lens to be launched at MIDO 2020.

Our GREEN LINE is available for both sunglass and corrective lenses.

GREEN LINE lenses include 39% resins of plant origin, with the remainder being fossil-origin by-products.

All color hues and gradations and most coatings can be applied to our Green Line solar filters (lenses and certain goggles). Polarized lenses are also available for sunglasses.

With these lenses being available in all color tones, it’s the raw material that makes the difference. Not only have we reduced the use of fossil-origin by-products compared to normal lenses, we have also reduced the environmental impact of production.

The Green Line corrective lens will also launched. This lens is still a work in progress, but it will be included in the Divel Italia catalog soon.

The result of collaborations with leading producers of environmentally friendly fashion frames, green is now infused throughout the eyewear industry.