Fossili: display cases

Following research into lens waste conducted at the University of Palermo, designers Federica Ditta and Cristiano Pesca turned their attention to the various potential uses for this waste.

They looked at both rejected lenses that failed to pass quality testing and excess material left over after shaping the lenses.


Fossili: display cases 

Over the last year, Divel Italia has taken on the green philosophy to an incredible degree. With the help of smart, dynamic experts, our studies of lens recycling and reuse have led to applications in packaging, interior design, and even exhibition furnishings!

Within Divel’s MIDO 2020 stand, we will have two display pedestals designed by Federica Ditta and Cristiano Pesca.

The key feature of these pedestals is that they, too, make use of reclaimed lens waste!

Designed to support display cases in exhibition spaces, our ECO-EXPO pedestal is made from a sheet of carbon steel and an epoxy-resin panel with lens fragments.

The display pedestal may be used on its own or arranged with others, back to back or at right angles, so as to play with empty space and create contrast between transparent and opaque.

The epoxy-resin panels may be rectangular, ribbed or undulated in relation to the panel used for the mold.

The epoxy panel may be disassembled for transport, and the steel sheets and epoxy panels may be stacked to minimize space requirements.

When positioned near a light source, the panel with the reclaimed lenses can create visual effects on the floor.

The display pedestals will be used to support glass display cases in order to present a number of Divel Green Line projects at our MIDO 2020 stand. 

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