DIVEL STUDIO - A new sun is rising

DIVEL STUDIO is the creative arm of Divel Italia.
It is the embodiment of passion, creativity, design and technology.

“Being creative means first of all doing
something unusual… On the other hand, however
unusual it may be, the idea also has to be
reasonable for people to take it seriously.”
– Howard Gardner


Ideas run free in the offices of DIVEL STUDIO. Inspiration leads to new colors. Research leads to new technologies. Experimentation leads to new products. And all of this is driven by passion. Here, innovation and design, form and function, come together as one to provide technologically impeccable products featuring unique designs.

Out of DIVEL STUDIO comes an endless array of new colors, treatments, shapes, and materials.


The skill, experience and know-how of our team enable us to create custom projects for you, our customer. We have the capabilities needed to create custom-designed products, while providing technical support and ensuring discretion and confidentiality. All of this means you get a project executed in full compliance with the quality standards required by law.

And the key concepts at DIVEL STUDIO?


Research is a
constant at DIVEL STUDIO! Research inspires creativity, backed by an endless
source of inspiration coming from fashion shows and other events both around
the world and online. Each and every Divel collection starts with the creation
of mood boards that convey the unifying themes of all our products.


Whether commissioned by you or borne out of DIVEL STUDIO research, each and every project is the result of an in-depth feasibility analysis and study of quality standards. Our team of experts assesses and ensuresour experts ensure compliance with EU and international regulations and verifies the technical designs with great care.


Color is always a key feature, one that reflects the influence of fashion and consumer preferences. When we look at the visible spectrum, which starts with violet at one end and ends with red at the other, we quickly see how there can be infinite points of color all along this spectrum. At Divel, we have them all, whether you are looking for solids, gradients, two-tone or three-tone.


Another key aspect is the lens coating, or treatment, which serves to protect the lens, but can also enhance it with unique, glamorous effects.

Coatings give the lens special effects such as various degrees of mirror effect or iridescent sparkles and can even recreate prints and patterns on the surface of the lens.


Our research and development also focuses on experimenting with new materials, from traditional polarized or photochromic technologies to advanced approaches to blocking the blue light emitted by the screens of computers and other devices.


Our Divel labs are constantly committed to researching efficient, high-performance materials that are sustainable and respect the environment. One of our latest products is our GREEN LINE, featuring a bioplastic made from 39% natural sources. This sustainable product is available in our full range of colors as well as in polarized versions.


And finally, form. Contrary to popular belief, not all lenses start out round. With the help of special 3D molds, we can create lenses in unusual shapes and with particular curvatures in addition to the more traditional shapes.

For more information: sun@divel.it