Divel Coatings

What are the recommended coatings to make the glasses last longer?


To see clearly, your lenses need to be perfectly clean and in good condition. This is why you need to clean your eyewear daily using water, cleanser and a soft cloth or other special cleaning solutions or disinfectants recommended by your optician.
Never use your clothes or paper tissues!
Of course, the performance and durability of a lens also depends on the coatings that are applied by your optician of choice.
To pick the right coatings for your lenses, you need to let your optician know a few things about your lifestyle, because the environment and social context in which you live can determine the exact type of coating you need.
Which coatings are recommended in order to extend the life of a lens?
Coatings available with Divel Italia include:

Protection and Resistance.

Let’s start with our base coating, HARD.

With this lens coating, a special hardening layer is applied to both sides of the lens to lend it greater scratch resistance and protect it against daily wear and tear.

This type of base coating is suited for anyone who typically only wears glasses indoors and for just a few hours a day.

Protection, Durability, Super multilayer anti-reflection, Anti-smudge.

Our SILKEN Super Hydrophobic is an excellent standard coating suited to nearly every lifestyle. It gives your lenses greater protection against scratching and general wear and tear than our HARD coating thanks, above all, to its anti-static layer, which prevents dust from settling on the lens. There is also a hydrophobic layer that enables water and grime to slide off the surface of the lens, so you won’t risk ruining your lenses when trying to clean off hard-to-remove dirt.

Hard coating, Super multilayer anti-reflection, water-repellent and antistatic coating, blue block.

For all who use computers or other electronics on a daily basis, we recommend our CHROMA coating, which has all the characteristics of SILKEN plus protects against blue light, ensuring excellent visual comfort even under artificial light.

CHROMA is ideal for everyone who works a lot in front of a computer or experiences other sources of eyestrain at work.

Super hard, Super Durable.

If you need an even more durable lens, your optician will surely recommend our PERFORMANCE coating, which is 12 times more durable than an ordinary hardening treatment. PERFORMANCE is applied to lenses used by people who enjoy highly active lifestyles and by anyone who needs particularly strong, resistant eyewear.

Super Hard, Super Resistant, Super Protective.

For complete protection from the sun along with excellent durability, we recommend going with our top-of-the-line PERFORMANCE lens: PERFORMANCE NoUV.

This is the top-of-the-line coating currently available and surpasses levels of total UV protection by blocking all radiation up to 400 nm. An added anti-reflection treatment with an oil and water-repellent, scratch-resistant surface protects against UV rays of up to 400 nm. 

Of course, to ensure the durability and performance of this coating, in addition to the care and cleaning mentioned above, you also should:
- Avoid leaving your glasses in the car, as sunlight can weaken the coating;
- Not use eyewear retainers to hang your glasses around your neck. These are not very safe, and your glasses can come into contact with just about anything;
- Bot leave your glasses on top of our head. They can fall and get damaged or misshapen;
- take off your glasses before using hairspray, perfume or cologne. The alcohol content could harm the lenses and the frames;
- always store your eyewear in a hard-shell case.

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