Tendenze sun/vision

Divel Italia’s experience in the development of collections of solar filters for the most important brands in the fashion industry, has also led to the creation of a range of colours, sunglasses and mirror sunglasses which have become a Must have fashion. This is the inspiration for the TENDENZE collection, Divel Italia’s strength for the sun/vision world.


Here at Divel Italia, our experience developing solar filters for leading fashion brands has led to the creation of a range of colors, gradient tints, and mirroring that reflect the latest fashion trends. 

TRENDS by Divel Italia is our catalogue of corrective and solar-filter lenses for opticians in a diverse range of colors and treatments to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Our vision/sun TRENDS feature:

  • SOLID COLORS - 12 different fashion tints
  • MIRRORING - 4 colors of mirrored lenses
  • NS SFUMATI - 8 gradient tints
  • BICOLOR - 8 two-tone color options
  • TRENDY - 16 gradient tints and ultra-light treatments
  • SPEEDY - 16 tints ready to be shipped
  • GLITTER - 8 glittery color tones
  • FOTOCOLOR - 8 different colored and gradient-tint photochromatic lenses
  • POLARIZED - 8 polarized color tones

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