This year, Divel Italia’s experience in the development of collections of solar filters for the most important brands in the fashion industry, has also led to the creation of a range of colours, sunglasses and mirror sunglasses which have become a Must have fashion. This is the inspiration for the TENDENZE collection, Divel Italia’s strength for the Spring / Summer  season.

The TENDENZE collection consists of four types: 

SPEEDY: multilayer colours in 16 different colours on MIRROR and MATTE finishes (opaque).

All colours are available both as sunglasses and as graduated lenses.

The peculiarity of the Speedy line is the possibility of having these coloured and graduated lenses in 1,500 index, exclusively with AURORA 4D technology, in a short period of time.

TREND 2018: today’s fashion inspired by flashes of pink and pastel shades in 70's style. 

The collection is divided into 2 categories: 8 colours with ultra-light multi-layer treatment on coloured shaded bases and shades of pink; 8 colours in light and solid tones, influenced by the '70s style. S

HADES & BICOLOURS: gradient lenses in medium-light shades, next to large medium-dark classics. All colour variants are available both as sunglasses and as a colour to be applied to corrective lenses.

SOLID & MIRROR: uniform colours in medium and natural shades, classic nuances and mirrored surfaces. All 16 colours of this type are available both as sunglasses and as graduated lenses.

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