The Serena lens is the Monofocal Freeform Antifatic by Divel Italia, it has been designed to reduce eye strain during situations in which the gaze passes continuously from a distant and near vision and vice versa.

Often we feel tired eyes and the feeling of having strained them too much.

The eyes are very delicate and vulnerable organs, we must not underestimate the effort and fatigue they are subjected to every day.

With prolonged use of digital devices (computers, tablets, smartphones etc) small annoyances and discomforts can arise such as excessive tearing, headaches, neck pains. In this and in all conditions in which close vision is particularly stimulated, the Serena lens comes to the rescue.

There are many jobs and activities that require great precision and work in detail; the Serena lens allows the eye to rest even during the phase of greatest effort.
It is suitable for students, for all the people who read a lot in general, for those who use a tablet a lot or for those who do jobs that require a lot of close vision, such as lawyers, notaries, journalists etc.
The Serena lens is the ideal lens to rest your eye and enjoy a relaxed view all day long.

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