You must dedicate the same care to your eyes, defending them with lenses REMEDY®
Photoselective lenses REMEDY® protect our eyes from harmful radiation and prevent eye damage.

The use of photoselective lenses protects against UV radiation and, moreover, eliminate and / or reduce the low wavelengths of the visible light (blue radiation), strongly reduce the effects of fogging (BLUE BLUR) and glare (VELING GLARE), due to the strong radiation of sunlight, optimizing the contrast of objects viewed.

REMEDY® lenses are recommended for those who practice outdoor sports, for who require a high eye protection and for patients with eye diseases*.

REMEDY® lenses, in fact, are suitable for medical use, as they slow the onset or aggravation of eye diseases* by cutting the light spectrum up to 540 nanometers.

- Photo selective lenses for eye protection.
- Available with light spectrum cutting from 450 to 540 nm.
- Polar version is 450 suitable for driving.

The range up to 480 nanometers allows every sunglass wearer to protect the eyes from all harmful frequencies of the spectrum, ensuring excellent comfort eyesight without sacrificing the aesthetic effects of colors.
For this reason was introduced REMEDY® Photochromic Transition®, usable in every environment and circumstance, and REMEDY® Polarized, the only lens in the market that offers protection from light radiation up to 480 nanometers suitable for driving (Test USA , EU, NZ).

*For these subjects, it’s necessary a visit to eye examination specialist and the prescription of the doctor.

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