Minerva Glass

MINERVA Glass è la nuova lente in vetro di Divel Italia nata in collaborazione con Polaris Lens.

    Thanks to a collaboration with Polaris Lens, based in the province of Belluno, Divel Italia will also be able to provide shaping, tempering and assembly services.  

    MINERVA Glass is Divel Italia’s new glass lens born out of a collaboration with Polaris Lens. Glass was the first material to be used for lenses, before the rise of plastics. Glass, though, has the advantage of being recyclable virtually without limit.

    Glass lenses possess great optical qualities in that they are able to transmit light efficiently and are extremely scratch resistant. At the same time, because they are exceptionally transparent, glass lenses look stunning. 


    - 12 colors in the samples collection (3 solids, 3 polarized, 2 photochromic (photogrey and photobrown), 1 anti-glare, 3 mirrored (silver, gold, blue) 

    - Material: Glass

    - Great optical qualities

    - Excellent trasparency

    - Highly scratch resistance

    This product is subject to minimum order quantity.

    Request information: sun@divel.it

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