Gemini is a freeform lens with optimized inset and powers that are calculated during the use.
Gemini’s construction features offer a clear vision for the distance, eliminating the “sway” effect in the temple area, thanks to the optimized inset and the recalculated power Gemini offers, in close up view, a punctual focusing on the details. The soft design of Gemini, applied to the latest generation freeform geometry, offers the perfect balance in its real conditions of use for a perfect focus on the retina.

Thanks to the use of latest technology generators, which work with a precision of 0.3 microns, this lens has the ability to offer a more precise vision in all areas needed, and to compensate for any second level errors. Thus, you get a large area close up, and a sharper intermediate zone by adjusting the actual dioptric measurement that of the prescription more consistently.

The lens, which follows all the modern aesthetic standards of internal base flattening, has a variable inset construction, and offers the possibility of modifying the progression channel for each eye. It is, in fact, possible to personalize even further: the morphological and functional differences between right and left handed users.


  • Clear vision closely
  • Punctual focusing from afar
  • Customizable
  • Visual Comfort
  • Ideal for driving


  • Available in 10mm, 12mm and 14mm progress channels.
  • It guarantees a clear vision for the distance and an excellent focus of details close up.
  • Perfect balance in all real conditions of use.
  • Comfortable for driving, perfect for smartphones and tablets.
  • Eliminate swaying effect.

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