The infrared ray has a wavelength between 780 - 10.000 nm. The lower the wavelength, the greater the negative effects. IR-A rays are the most dangerous.

The infrared spectrum refers to 780 - 10000 nm wavelengths and is divided into 3 categories:
- IR-A this radiation has the highest penetration rate into the tissue and the retina.
- IR-B does not effect on the retina penetrating only into the blood vessels touching tissue of adipose.
- IR-C does not permeate the superficial part of the skin and cornea.
Taking into consideration the characteristics of infrared, more is the wave length, less is the negative affects.
Moreover, IR BLOCK eliminating UV rays, absorbs more than 85% of IR rays, ensuring maximum
protection of the eyes from the harmful radiation.

Absorbs the IR-A rays that affect the eyes reducing thermal damage of retina and crystalline:
- continues effect of IR radiation on retina could cause cataract.
- the retina undergoes irreversible damage if the tissue, exposed to the heat, overpassed the crucial level of the temperature.
Eyes total protection and no alteration of colour perception for a perfect view.
Totally eliminates UV rays up to 400 nm

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