Through the constant updates of the aurora technology, and thanks to the continuous investments in R&D of Divel Italia laboratories, Progressive Aurora Clear is born, an even more personalized lens, comfortable and designed to meet real needs for usage.

Thanks to the use of latest technology generators, which work with a precision of 0.3 microns, this lens has the ability to offer a more precise vision in all areas needed, and to compensate for any second level errors. Thus, you get a large area close up, and a sharper intermediate zone by adjusting the actual dioptric measurement that of the prescription more consistently.

The lens, which follows all the modern aesthetic standards of internal base flattening, has a variable inset construction, and offers the possibility of modifying the progression channel for each eye. It is, in fact, possible to personalize even further: the morphological and functional differences between right and left handed users.

The Progressive Aurora Clear lenses are supplied in two basic designs that cover the most common uses:
- Ottima, which ensures maximum amplitude of distant vision, especially peripheral, and is ideal for those who spend most of the day outdoors.
- Ampia, which offers a comfortable solution for all situations.

To these designs, we have also added Unica, designed to meet the specific needs of the customer through the optimization of specific parameters provided: right or left handed, pantoscopic tilt of the frame, corneal apex / lens distance, angle of winding of the frame and reading distance. All of these factors make it a custom-built lens, specifically for each customer.

To the classic progressive geometries, we add the Degressive INDOOR (PC & MEETING) geometries, specially designed to provide all the comfort of aurora technology even to those who spend most of the time in closed in spaces, or simply need a pair of glasses optimized for close – intermediate vision.

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